The Mill Pond Kennels Facility

A brief description…

The MPK facility provides a safe, secure and clean "Home Away from Home". The facility offers several features to help stand out from the typical boarding kennel and customers have the piece of mind knowing that the owner lives on the premises. The ability to unload dogs under the covered drive and walkway is convent for rain or shine.  The 1500 sqft  climate controlled kennel facility consist of twenty eight runs. Single runs are 3’ x 6’ and double runs for multi pet  families are 5’ x 6’. Furthermore, the dogs enjoy playtime in one of the twenty two airing yards. In addition for dogs that are in training, MPK offers a 900 sqft climate controlled indoor training room. This room is also used for handler seminars, meetings and events.  Lastly, Mark has over 20 years of experience caring / training dogs. Tours of the MPK facility are always welcome by appointment. Feel free to call about Boarding, Service Dogs or Obedience Training.
     MPK encourages Dog Rescue!!!
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